Any regular visitors to this site will know Alan has never regarded original art sales as a priority so it has been
a long slow process to get this far and we still have some way to go.
About five years ago Alan responded to continued requests for sketches and original art sales by creating a
list for anyone wishing to be notified when art for sale became available. It seemed only fair  to give those
who have waited patiently, some for more than five years,  first opportunity to buy pages and we will continue
to use this system for the foreseeable future.

To join the art sales update list e-mail... -- No queries to this address
please, it will only be used for list updates and specific sales.
For general questions please use Matt Platis' Forum...

Both addresses tend to get overwhelmed so to avoid delays it may be worthwhile to check our FAQ.

Please note that only the underlined are linked to pages of originals for sale. We hope to add more to the
other titles in the not too distant future.