This is an official website insofar as I have had a hand in all of the work displayed here. The
site began because I was regularly asked to post thumbnails, sketches, unpublished work--
and pencilled or inked (uncoloured) pages. It seemed like a simple enough request until my
investigations into a web hosting service led me to consider other options. This seemed the
most positive.

I'm still learning the basics and wouldn't have managed to get this far without the help of my
son Thomas and Robin Riggs.

I can be contacted at:-  

BUT, while I am extremely grateful for all of the feedback, and hope it continues, I have been
unable to keep up with the volume of e-mail so I am giving priority to any questions posted on
Matt Platis' Forum
http://www.alandavis-forum.com/ . If you don't mind a public response
please post there.

Best wishes to all.