I was given the
designs for
Phoenix and
Wolverine and while
I waited for the first
plot to arrive I drew
these warm-up
The only revision to
Bishop, again an
editorial choice,
was to make him
bald. The
modification to the
costume was an
attempt to balance
the original
costume with the
bald look.
The addition of a short
hooded jacket to Sage
was an attempt to
compromise the
contradictory aims of
keeping her original
costume in an 'all ages',
'child friendly' comic.  
A new design was under
consideration for Storm, I don't
know who was responsible for the
design, but as the delay continued,
past my receipt of the first plot, it
was decided to use the design I
made on an earlier tenure of X-Men.

Cannonball's exit from Uncanny had
been decided before my first issue
so the costume revision was just to
update his generic X-Look rather
than make a worthwhile change.
The Living
Monolith and
Marrow from the