This is a bit of a curiosity, an umbrella I drew on, for fun, but
since I drew with a marker pen I've included it under inked
Claudio CURCIO, Direttore Generale,
Napoli COMICON owner of the Napoli 09
Naples was hit with an un-seasonal storm and we needed to buy cheap umbrellas from a street vendor. Cheap and too
big to carry back home so, on a whim, I decided to draw a sketch, singular, on the brolly. But one thing led to another
and I eventually covered the whole thing with a sort of condensed history of Captain Britain.

I drew on the Umbrella while it was up/open. There was no way to do any rough drawing and the material quickly
absorbed the ink so lines had to be drawn quickly, without hesitation, and with a very light touch because the material
was so elastic/springy.
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