The sketches that featured
in the Clandestine #0
(below) were
manufactured to pad out
that promotional title long
after I had started work on
the first issue.

The first two sketches
(right) are from my original
doddles as I firmed up
some of the concepts and
Rory was to have
been the Scarlet
Spectre before
Editorial decided the
'S' symbol was

The decision was
made fairly late in the
process as evidenced
by Rory still bearing
the 'S' logo in the
colour guide for the
cover that eventually
appeared on issue 1

Issue 1 was to have
carried the first part of
four connecting covers
(which appeared on
the back of issue 2)
until it was decided (at
the eleventh hour)  
that the whole 'team'
must feature on the
cover-- And, since it
was in fashion at the
time, that it must also
be a 'foil' cover.  
In my first draft of notes Kay Cera
was to have returned to using her
birth name Jasmine, shortened to
Jazz, and her codename was to be
Mosaic-- (describing her fractured
psyche) but DC had just brought
out a book with Mosaic in the title,
so I switched to Kymera (again
alluding to her composite psyche)
but Namor's cousin suddenly took a
similar name. For a time Jazz
became Kay's working codename
until I finally settled on Cuckoo.