Without getting into the psychology of
being a 'hermit freelancer' there are
times when you try to work because it's
a workday but something is usually

Initially, I changed the first page
because the action in the first panel
wasn't clear and the angle was very
similar to the first panel on the next page.
Then I decided the figure in the first
panel of the second page wasn't
dynamic enough so I changed that.
In both instances I completely
redrew/traced the page because the
paper wouldn't have survived a redraw.
There wasn't
anything wrong
with this page from
a purely illustrative
point of view but it
felt too fast paced
for the story-- so I
redrew the page
with a static
opening that
suggested GROK
had been in the
chamber, pleading
and arguing, for
some time.
This is the only page I
have completely redrawn
since joining Uncanny.
(at least the only one
that is already in print) I
went for the most
dramatic angle but, after
seeing some of the early
colour proofs, I was
concerned that it may
not work with that style
of colour so changed the
shot to a slightly simpler
This was one of
those times where
the image looked
terrific as a frenetic
thumbnail but lost
everything when I
removed all of the
construction lines.
Without them, there
is no sense of scale
and the Tripods
look thin and feeble.