I posted a note in FAQ a month ago to say I wouldn't be adding any new Q and A because a
Forum was imminent but a large number of folk have contacted me this weekend in regard to
my leaving Uncanny after a posting made by Randy Scida.

Firstly, I thought the fact I had left Uncanny was public knowledge. I quit on 31 March 2005 and
since that time I have received e-mails to my site requesting confirmation from people who had
heard from a source other than myself.

Second, I don't want to discuss the reasons I left Uncanny. I had tried to give the assignment
my best shot but I didn't think it was working out. So I moved on. I do have something in the
pipeline with Marvel but it is too early to go into any detail.

Third, and the reason behind this posting, as I say above I thought the fact was already public
knowledge so I have no problem with it being discussed but I want to make it clear that I did not
ask or know that Randy Scida was planning to post the e-mail I sent to him on his site. I didn't
know he had a site. Mr Scida gave me no indication of his intention. I include his e-mail to me
below-- (I trust he will have no objection since he published my e-mail to him)-- along with my
full response. This is the only communication that has occurred between us.

Alan Davis

Randy Scida <rscida@msn.com> wrote:
Hello Mr. Davis,

I'm absolutely in love with your artwork. I just recently discovered your website which is pretty
neat. Although I have to admit I cannot wait until you're able to fill it out a tad more.

I always thought your art had a very shapely, smooth, cutesy look/feel to it. I'm loving the new
direction Uncanny X-Men recently has been taking, Marvel made an excellent move by making
you regular artist. To match Claremont's retro/old school writing habits. Nobody else draws
Captain Britain like you, but of course that's an obvious.

I jumped for joy when I found out Psylocke was returning (Psylocke is the reason I got into
comic books at the tender age of five years old) and I was even more excited to know you were
returning after "Chasing Hellfire" to pencil her returning storyline. It's a shame you skipped out
on "Mojo Rising" I believe that's the name of the two-parter ..

I love all the little tidbits you give us fans on your website and can't wait to see what else you
have to say. Did you have any designs for Betsy before you and Claremont decided on the
standard yellow/blue or was it already planned to go that way?

I hope you can stay on Uncanny for a lot longer because I really enjoy Claremont's stories
especially drawn by you.  

Good luck

Your fan always Randy*


Hi Randy

Many thanks for your kind words and support. And I do hope to add more to my site as time

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you on the X-Men because I quit Uncanny with issue 463.

Chris asked for the yellow and blue costume until such time as a new design could be
considered-- I have no idea with what intent. However, Betsy will get a temporary new look in
463 that I did design/revamp.

All the best