Q. How long does it take to pencil a page?

A. It may seem overly obvious to say it depends on the amount of work on the page. Not
only the amount of lines but the accuracy of the lines, that is it's easier to draw jungle than a
cityscape. Most time consuming for me though is the storytelling. I dislike art where the
characters populate the panels simply to identify who is speaking the text. On average I
pencil a page a day-- the length of day depends on how quickly I can work out the narrative
Q. Why are you doing so few issues of Uncanny?

A. I don't have any involvement in the scheduling of Uncanny. I just work on the next plot
when it arrives. I can comfortably pencil ten issues a year (and have done so in the last year
despite delays of over three weeks in total) and although I could do as many as twelve,
Marvel wants more-- I think as many as eighteen in 2005-- which is why there are regular