Q. Green Lantern-- Was I involved? What was I planning? Why didn't I do the book?

A. I have had a number of questions about the Green Lantern relaunch, (which I haven't
seen yet), and I'm happy to set the record straight.
When I was nearing completion of Another Nail, Peter Tomasi asked me if I'd consider writing
and pencilling one of the proposed Green Lantern relaunch titles. I agreed, enthusiastically,
with the proviso that I submit a proposal prior to signing any contract. Peter had said DC
wanted to 'shake-up' the book(s) and I needed to ensure the new direction would be one I'd
enjoy working on. I sent in a proposal which initially seemed to have been accepted but was
eventually refused because it was too radical. Which was fair comment because I had
overhauled some of the most essential elements of GL mythology in an attempt to
rationalise the convoluted continuity-- by redefining the reasons for the 24 hour recharge,
the colour yellow weakness, why there are three or four Lantern's on Earth when there are
only 3600 in the entire galaxy-- and why Hal became the Spectre.
Dan Didio suggested that I could do my story in an Elseworlds but, not only had I just spent
a year on Another Nail, my GL story specifically arose out of the mainstream continuity-- as
a solution to problems arising from that continuity. It didn't really seem as much an Elseworld
as a 'What IF..?'.   
There was never any animosity or 'falling-out' over the situation. In fact, despite the fact I
had written my proposal without a solid commission, Dan bought out my idea and I was paid
for my time. I do regret that I never got the chance to do the story I conceived but I had
always thought it a long-shot and all in all I was treated more than fairly by Peter and Dan.