Q. Some of the thumbnails on your site are all black.

A. I know but I don't know why or how to correct them. If anyone does know what has gone
wrong I'd be grateful for any advice. The important thing is that the thumbnails still open up if
you click on them.  
Q. What program did you use to build your site? Have you tried Dreamweaver?

A. The site I rent has a built in site-builder which, though it may be limited, is extremely easy
to use. A number of people have recommend Dreamweaver and it might be something I'd
consider for the future when I'm a bit more adept and with some time to experiment. Over the
past few weeks I have been given a lot of helpful advice, and tried to implement it in my
latest alterations, but my primary concern is to post art rather than to impress anyone with
my ability to design a website (Or lack thereof!).