Q. Is X23 staying as part of Uncanny's regular line up? will she be replacing Wolverine.

A. The straight answer is I don't know. I am quite literally working from one plot to the next
with little or no idea of the long story. As many seem to have read in an interview Chris gave,
it is true that I have enjoyed working on the character-- which is as much a surprise to me
because when I received the plot for Uncanny 450 there was some confusion about who she
was or how she should be handled. And the only ref I was sent looked clearly at odds with
the 'all-age' brief we work to on Uncanny. I suggested we use the 'Fang' costume (and to
justify its appearance by giving the bar an 'alien' theme night) as a solution. Wolverine had
worn the costume in the past but I thought the fang-beaded trim had always looked
feminine-- And conveniently better suited to X-23. Aside from the specific costume concern,
Uncanny has more than one female character with a virtually interchangeable silhouette and
a different physical type is always interesting, but X23 adds a refreshingly different character
dynamic. Especially in the current story arc. Chris has written some really nice scenes
between X23 and Betsy.  I think X23 has the potential to be as interesting as Kitty Pryde in
her early appearances but only time will tell.