These pages, all copied
from the original pencils,
are some of the 'spares' I
wasn't happy with when I
was pencilling 'Another Nail'.

I simply wasn't
concentrating when I traced
my thumbnail onto the full
sized page and the
composition was off-- Star
Sapphire is too small and
some of the characters are
in danger of being cropped.
The formulaic 'splash
pages' were always
fun but, in the
instances where
characters were
being introduced, the
formula became too
This was a case of
a page looking
great in the
thumbnail but, I
felt, flat and too
symmetrical in the
finished art.
From the first series of the
Nail.  Another instance of
the 'Splash' shot formula
creating problems. I thought
I was just having a hard time
coming up with a dynamic
enough figure for Kal's
attack on Jimmy until I
realised it was the pace of
the story that was wrong--
and I moved the splash from
page 38 to page 40.
The majority of requests I receive
are for examples of the working
process-- but examples of
thumbnails through to inks (which
I have posted elsewhere) really
only illustrate the technical
process of refinement as a rough
sketch  is 'polished'. A
comparison between a page that
failed and the subsequent
alternate might give another
perspective on the thought

This page featuring the Flash and
Atom is from Another Nail.
Churning pages of pencils out on
a daily basis will inevitably be
punctuated with 'off-days'-- not an
excuse, a simple fact of life.
The first page on the left, is pretty static because the Atom is so upright, when he should have been
reacting to the cold and wind (even though he shouldn't have been able to feel it within the Flash's
protective aura).
The second page, centre, was pretty near what I wanted except for the fourth panel which I had
attempted to recycle from the first page.
I changed panel four in the final version, making the Atom proportionately larger so he wouldn't be
lost against the flash.
Another often queried
page from Another Nail.
As the Flash speeds
across the Multiverse,
passing through
alternate realities,
panel four originally
showed the THUNDER
Agents fighting Iron
Maiden and her cronies
but the THUNDER
Agents book, which was
in the pipeline at the
time, fell through and
panel four was redrawn
to make the characters
Further examples to show how I keep messing up. In some cases there really
isn't anything absolutely wrong with the page... I just thought I could do better.
Process 5