I've had a few queries about the cover sketch process, most of
which I can't answer because it varies from editor to editor. One
point I can address is that it isn't always as smooth as some of
my earlier posting might suggest.
The initial sketch for this
Marvelman cover was a little too
woolly and vague so Big Ben
wasn't recognised during the
approval process. Clearly visible in
the final pencils I discovered  there
were legal issues preventing Big
Ben appearing so he had to be
removed. Rather than  erasing the
figure and risking damaging the
page  surface I drew the correction
on a separate patch which I
inserted after Mark had inked both
Due to e-mail gremlins this Star Wars cover became a
rush job and my initial very rough sketch was sent through
the approval process. The image was approved with the
proviso that the Stormtrooper Chewbacca is tossing in the
air was removed to avoid any risk that it might appear the
Wookie had knocked his attackers head off. Without any
time to propose an alternate solution I did as asked but I
don't like the finished image, The image is busy enough
not to have lost any compositional balance  but
Chewbacca's raised arm seems pointless and ill
The published version of this
'redacted' cover from the Marvel 75th
Anniversary Celebration was far more
redacted than I had expected.
Certainly one of the strangest jobs I've
done-- ever.
Process 17