It's big and its rough!!

Most convention sketches are A4 headshots
but the image on the right is A2 ( 58cm x
75cm) and was drawn at last years
Birmingham Comic Show at the
Artists Flip Out!
Professional artists made quick-fire sketches
on A2 flip charts, when the drawing was
finished, a ticket (presented to each member
of the audience as they entered) was drawn
from a hat. The matching number won the

The problem was my wife was in the
audience and, by pure chance, the ticket
she had been given was drawn to win my
Thing sketch. So, to avoid being lynched, a
very amiable auction (with the proceeds
going to charity) was quickly arranged. Mark
Buckingham and his wife Irma generously
made the highest bid.

AND Its all happening again on
13th - 14th
October 2007 in the Thinktank at
Millennium point, Birmingham.