This sketch was drawn
for the 2003 Mid-Ohio
Comic convention
booklet. To see Robin
Riggs' inks go to...
Robin Riggs and I knocked out a
large sized page, with a similar image
to the one on the left, in the last hour
at Shelton Drum's Heroes Con some
years ago. I recently came across a
photograph Robin had taken of the
page and decided to see if I could
improve on the rushed sketch. To
see Robin's inked version of this
revision go to....
To save wasting more time
waiting for a plot, a few new
sketches...To see Robin
Riggs inks over these pencils
click on the links.


Sgt. Rock


This BAT page  was drawn for my cousin's birthday.

He still has the original pencils but I sent a scan to Robin Riggs
who toned and coloured the image-- which can be seen at...