Anyone familiar with the work Paul Neary and I collaborated on in,  BATO, Detective and
my first run of Excalibur, will know Paul primarily as an inker.
However, Paul is an all round comic creator who taught me most of the basics about
pencilling and storytelling when he was first Editor-in-Chief at Marvel UK in the 80's.
Paul recently pencilled this page and allowed me to add the inks-- the first time I have
ever attempted to ink another artist.
Deadlines and business concerns can often take over once an artist becomes a
professional but it's good to recapture some of the enthusiastic freedom of drawing for
fun that prompted most artists to seek a career in comics.  
Three minute
sketch, 2007
Just 1 page, 2006.
Finished felt tip sketch and initial rough.
Felt tip sketch
coloured with
Ink And Colour 6