I never knew Frank Bellamy so have no new insights
or information to offer. I was simply one of the guys
lucky enough to help Nancy Bellamy clear Frank's
studio when she was moving home. AND enough of a
fanboy to ask if I could keep the rubbish.
This consisted of published pages mounted on card,
over a hundred small 3x4 photos taken by the artist as
reference (in the days before photocopiers or
scanners) and a few scraps of original work.

I held on to the bits and pieces in the hope that they
might be included in a book devoted to Frank
Bellamy's work. There have been attempts to publish a
definitive volume but none have been successful.
Now, almost twenty five years later, and with the world
in recession, a book seems more of a remote
possibility than ever.

Compared to new images recorded and created in our
digital age none of the source material I have is good,
some is very poor but I believe it offers a unique and
valuable insight to any true Frank Bellamy fan.

Thanks to Nancy Bellamy for giving me the two bags of
studio debris, permission to use it here and for her
time in relating anecdotes and tales of Frank's life and

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