In the first Batman Yr2 script the Reaper was to be a crimefighter who wore a skull mask and basic
robe as a costume-- and used a scythe/gun weapon but, as he was supposed to be a generation
older than Batman, I thought he should have an edge and suggested the above design. Which had a
significant effect on the coreography for the fight in Detective 575.

Fight scenes are often left to the penciller to choreograph but this one was special because Mike Barr
had allowed me to change the design of the Reaper -- which totally changed the confrontation.

Looking back on it now, panel 5 of page 23 and panel 2 of page 24 look very wooden as I focused on
showing off my design rather than the action. But I am still pleased with the overall continuity.

Inks by Paul Neary.
Double page intro to Batman-Full circle.
This was my first US collaboration with
Mark Farmer.