The back cover to
issue 2 of the
Clandestine (the first
part of four connecting
covers) was intended
for issue 1 but at the
eleventh hour it was
decided to have a
more classic image
that could work on a
foil cover for the series
The two covers for the
X-Men ClanDestine
'team-up' were fairly
rushed generic
compositions after a
four part image to run
across both issues,
showing the two teams
tangled in a mass of
slimy tentacles, was
pulled just weeks before
For anyone wondering why the UPC boxes on my copies of ClanDestine
have red crosses.
The series was produced during the Marvel UK implosion so I was never
sent any 'comps' (understandably not a major priority when so many people
were losing their jobs). Some months later when I visited Marvel US I asked
Bob Harras if there might be any spare copies in-house. There weren't but,
always helpful and considerate, Bob 'confiscated' all of the file copies from
his editors and sent them to me... hmmm, maybe that's why nobody at
Marvel has read the ClanDestine?