Cover for an issue of the Marvel
Fact-file from Eaglemoss
The brief was to recreate the original
cover of Captain Britain 1.

Along with a copy of the original cover
is the original blackline art. Between
finishing the art and publication plans
to republish Jeff Hawke were shelved
and Hawke was replaced by the
Freefall Warriors
The Eagemoss three page gatefolds usually
show the internal workings of armour, robots
or machines. This wasn't possible with the
spread dedicated to CB's foe, MASTERMIND
because he/it was a hologram. So this shows
the cavern computer responsible for
generating the holographic avatars--
Mastermnd, Jeeves and dwarfish drones.
Cover for the 2016 Motorcity Comicon,
celebrating Batman's anniversary.
The second Eaglemoss gatefold was
dedicated to the FURY with four inserts of
internal workings.
Cover for Panini France