Issue 43 was the second cover  I

It was inspired by the fact the issue
was in danger of missing the print
deadline because of eleventh hour
concerns over the 'romantic'
relationship between Numbers and
the Dragon. Numbers was an alien
member of Gatecrasher's Technet
who spoke and wore clothes-- the
Dragon did neither. I was working
on issue 46 when I heard someone
had put two and two together and
the story might have to be
changed. Fortunately common
sense prevailed and only one four
word balloon was removed.
Something of a curiosity in the age of computer colouring. The multi coloured vortex effect on Excalibur 66
required five separate art pages for colour separation . One for Black-line art and one each for red, blue, yellow
and white (the outline of Widget's ghostly body.)
It seemed like a clever idea at the time.