1980-84          Captain Britain. Marvel UK. (Writers. Paul Neary, Dave
Thorpe                                         and Alan Moore.)
Harry Twenty on the High Rock. 2000AD, Fleetway. (Writer.
Gerry                                 Finley-Day.)
DR & Quinch. 2000AD. Fleetway. (Writer. Alan Moore)
Marvelman. Warrior, Quality Comics. (Writer. Alan Moore)

1985-86         Captain Britain. Marvel UK. (Writers. Jamie Delano, Alan Davis)
Batman and the Outsiders. DC. (Writer. Mike W Barr) (Paul
Neary                                 took over on Inks)
New Mutants Annual 2. Marvel. (Writer. Chris Claremont)

1987               Detective Comics. DC. (Writer. Mike W Barr)
New Mutants annual 3. Marvel. (Writer. Chris Claremont)
Excalibur Special Edition. Marvel. (Writer. Chris Claremont)

1988-89          Excalibur 1-7,9, 12-17, 23,24. Marvel. (Writer. Chris Claremont)

1990               Wolverine: Bloodlust. Marvel. (Co-writer (Paul Neary)/Penciller)
Batman: Full Circle. DC (Writer. Mike W Barr)(Began partnership
with Mark Farmer)

1991-93          Excalibur 42-52, 54-58,61-67. Marvel.(Writer/Penciller)
Flash Covers 80-88. DC.

1994               ClanDestine- Preview, 1-8.Marvel. (Creator/writer/Penciller)

1995-96         Gen 13 Bootleg. Wildstorm. (Writer. Mark Farmer)
The Kraken's Wake. Penthouse Comix. (Co-writer/Penciller)
X-Man Annual. Marvel. (Writer. Terry Kavanagh)
X-Men ClanDestine. Marvel. (Writer/Penciller)
LSH Covers 68-90. DC

1997-98         JLA:The Nail. (Writer/Penciller)
Fantastic Four 1-3 (Writer. Scott Lobdell)
LSH Covers 100-118. DC

1999-2000     X-Men 86-99 and Uncanny X-Men 366-380. Marvel.(plotter)
X-Men 85-90, 93-94, 96-98. (Penciller) Marvel.
JSA Covers 1-20. DC

2001              Superboy's Legion. DC (Writer. Mark Farmer)
Avengers 38-43. Marvel (Writer. Kurt Busiek)
Last Call at McSurley's (Gotham Knights) DC. (Writer: Mike W Barr)
2002               Killraven 1-6. Marvel. (Writer/Penciller)
'Standoff' (Thor, Avengers, Iron Man) Marvel

2003               JLA: Another Nail. DC. (Writer/Penciller)
Aquaman covers 15-20. DC

2004-05          Uncanny X-men. 444- 447,450-451,455-459, 462-463. (Marvel        
Writer. Chris Claremont).

This is a list of larger assignments, there were many other small jobs which are
detailed in the Checklist section.