How do you join the sales-notification list?

Just send an e-mail to
We would appreciate it if you include your real name.
Does Alan do commissions?

I had previously answered, very rarely, but so many people have seen that as an indication I
might accept their commission that I'll have to modify my reply to, No! I never accept
commissions. I prefer to draw storytelling pages rather than 'pin-up' shots and I'm also
deterred from accepting commissions since so many are either  a very personal vision or so
vague they become a negotiation. I prefer to make sketches for fun then see if anyone likes
them-- these have become known as my non- commission sketches which appear in the
unpublished pencils section of this site and are offered to members of the sales notification

What is the price range?

Prices are included with the sales-notification sent to list-members.
How regularly will new pages become available for sale?

We hope to establish some sort of regular updates but, as this is a hobby rather than a full
time job, updates may be infrequent because we won't post new pages unless we can
guarantee enough time to deal with sales and ensure prompt delivery.
How are the pages dispatched?

We are based in the UK so use an international courier for any destination outside the UK.
Pages are sent flat, solidly packed with reinforced packaging.
What payment method do you accept?


The only pages for sale are the pages posted.  Any pages that do become available will be
offered to 'list-members' first.

We've had a few problems with delays in sending updates out because the sites bulk e-mail
(chronologically-- The first to join are on the first list). Sections of the list (four so far)
must to be sent out separately with a delay between each. This delay can be extensive if
members of  the first list respond quickly and overwhelm the account.

If anyone hasn't received a notification it may be due to some gremlin of which we are
unaware or it may be that our bulk e-mail alert is treated as spam by the recipient address.