Credit where credit's due?
Over the last year or so I have had a number of queries about artwork that has been attributed to me
but, to those in the know (or who care), it clearly isn't my work.

The most recent instance is the Albion entry from the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel
Universe A-Z #1. When Ilke Hincer queried its source with me I confidently assured him that the credit
was definitely mistaken because, despite the impact of advancing years, my memory is intact-- And
even if it were not I can recognise my own work.

I was more than a little surprised when Ilke contacted me the following day having identified 'my
contribution' to the Albion image in Excalibur 66.
It is clear that a portion of the Albion
figure from the panel in Excalibur 66
has been traced from my drawing but
the linework is totally different. (Most
obvious in the enlarged detail of the

The image is traced fairly accurately
(from an image half print size of the
MU entry) but the accumulation of
differences in line form and quality
have resulted in an image I do not
recognise as my work.

So who's work is it?

What percentage of my work must
survive for it to fairly attributed to me?

None of my, or Mark Farmer's
original line work has been used,
traced certainly... But if that is the
criteria to assign credit there are
whole issues of work by other artists
that I could claim as mine.

Oh the irony!
-Marvel Universe
Excalibur 66