For the past few years I have made posts that I hope to soon be organised enough to arrange
sales or auctions of original art and, with a bit of luck, that may finally happen... In the not too
distant future. I have already set up an address for anyone wishing to be notified of
impending sales or auctions...
Anyone who writes to this address will be added to the address book so that  any sales can
be preceded by a mail drop to all interested parties. I started this early to allow plenty of time
for folk to get their name on the address book. BUT, as I have said above, it may be a while
before I get organised so please don't expect any immediate sales.

In regard of commissions, I should explain that most of the commission pieces posted on my
site were drawn for relatives, friends, colleagues, as a favour or in trade. I have rarely drawn
true commissions because I prefer to focus on producing comic pages (and my time to do
that has been more limited than ever recently) so when I do get 'free time' to draw a page,
like some of those in the
Unpublished Pencil Art links on my website-- I do it for fun.  

There are some pages I have sketched that I will sell and I hope to draw more in the future.
Once I get the ball rolling with original art sales, the 'sketched' pages will also be posted or
taken along to conventions. Anyone interested in being notified of this eventuality should
also e-mail the address above.