This DR and Quinch limited edition print was made for the Bristol ComicsExpo 2009.

i used it as an excuse to experiment a little with digital colouring.

I'm sure there are better, more professional ways, to do what I did but I was having fun exploring possibilities and
seeing what worked.

I do  have a Wacom tablet but prefer to work with a mouse because the angle is more comfortable for my wrist and
a break from gripping a pencil/pen.

-- First I drew a small Thumbnail..

-- This was printed as an blueline on A3
artboard that I tightened in pencil--  not as
tight as my regular pencils because I planned
to ink the page myself.

--I inked the page with nibbed pen and brush.

-- I coloured layers with a mixture of paint
bucket and 'hand drawn' colour.

-- Added detail and modeling.

-- I roughed in the background colour
(Quinch's mum) early on in the process but
kept it mostly hidden while I focused on the
figures. Dr and Quinch's non-human, gaudy
colouring can be confusing so I didn't want to
be distracted by the  abstract background  
while I worked on the main image. It was a
simple matter to adjust the background to fit
the figures as the final step.