Pencil art for the unpublished Wildcats YR1.
Unused pencil art for the 'Kraken's Wake' story published by Penthouse Comix.

The story was originally intended to be a nine page comic strip concluded in a text
segment with spot illustrations. Fortunately sanity prevailed and the entire story
eventually featured as full comic art. These two pages show the unused spot illustrations,
some of which I used as panels in the final version.
“‘Birdsong’ Mickey’s day out.” was an illustrated text story for
a UK Batman Annual (1985)-- which was primarily filled with
US reprints. All of the illustrations were full colour but these
black and white photocopies are all I have left-- or at least all
I have uncovered so far.
The peculiar thing about the commission was that the editor
insisted I change my Jim Aparo style Batman into something
more 'Adam West' so as not to confuse the UK audience.